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LG’s Snowwhite is the coolest way to make ice cream

if you concept pod-based totally espresso machines had been the dream, LG has revealed a pod-based totally ice cream maker on the South with the aid of Southwest conference (SXSW) in Austin Texas and it looks first-rate.

The LG Snowwhite is a non-public ice cream maker to your kitchen that uses specialized pills to deliver sorbets, frozen yoghurt, traditional ice cream, gelatos, granita and even frozen custard on the touch of a button. There will also be pods for flavours so if vanilla isn’t your bag, there is a risk you may find salted caramel or chocolate pods instead.

need the bad news? unluckily, LG’s Snowwhite is presently only a prototype which certainly sucks as we would love a private ice cream maker in our kitchen, particularly one that looks as exact as Snowwhite. there may be a dial and touchscreen for control and it’s going to clean itself too using a special pod.

If Snowwhite does grow to be a truth, LG informed Engadget the tool might be able to make one of these gorgeous desserts in to five mins.

LG supplied no further information about Snowwhite, so we don’t know when, or if, this kitchen system may come to enhance our lives, but we are without a doubt maintaining our palms and feet crossed.

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