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Intel CEO unveils Quark chip, the future of wearable tech, shown off in a bracelet concept

Intel’s new CEO, Brian Krzanich, introduced Quark – now not to be confused with the famous person Trek individual – a brand new chip with a core one fifth the dimensions of Intel’s present day Atom. it is teeny tiny, and it may properly be the future.

So why ought to you care? The Quark X1000 also uses one 10th the power of contemporary Atom chips. Yup, one tenth. this is a tick in the sturdiness box then.

Wearable tech is a buzz phrase, we recognise, however it’s technology consisting of this – the geeky “system on chip” (SoC) stuff – that builds the essential spine to help such technology in the destiny.

we have already got the smartwatches and other fashion-like wearbale tech add-ons, but sturdiness according to price is a key trouble, as is length. As Krzanich demoed, while it’s feasible to “put on” such kit with out considering it, walls get damaged down and possibilities open up.

And with era pushing ahead, it is easy to look how Quark and the Quark X1000 SoC turns into a not unusual use. Intel president Renee James had already designated how wearable tech will “transform each location of our lives”, at some point of her address to the gang at the Intel Developer’s conference 2013, by way of introducing a silicon-on-skin health idea.

examine: Intel president: wearable tech to ‘transform each area of our lives’, demos silicon-on-skin fitness concept

the thrill continues because the wearable tech umbrella broadends. the subsequent 5 years are going to be an interesting ride and it looks like Intel is as much as the venture – this is no longer only a chips in pcs organisation.

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